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    asked by MCMarquez
    When I get an estimate for car repair services, different mechanics and service stations give different estimates for th...
    • Answer If you are getting the same average price from each different mechanic, then you will know you are getting an accurate p...
  • 1Answers
    asked by FrancesLewis
    I own a 2009 PT Cruiser and my local dealership has been charging me a lot of money for routine and repair services. In...
    • Answer In general taking your car to a neighborhood repair shop will save you money. If your car is still under warranty you wi...
  • 1Answers
    asked by janiceruiz15
    Where can I go online to find the newest auto safety shop rules? I need to print them out for my employees.
    • Answer It is indeed very important that you have the rules printed and posted as is required by law. You many find these rules ...

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